Dear Dad…

Happy Father’s day! I wanted to write you a card, but I haven’t found a way to send cards to Heaven; so, we’ll have to settle for this. I know you’re not one for long letters or mushy stuff, so I’ll try to make this short and sweet.

5 reasons I love having you as my Dad:

5. Your work ethic – I’m sure you’ve gotten in some good laughs in Heaven watching me try to do things on the farm. Farming isn’t easy, but you made it look simple. You woke up before the sun came up and after a cup or two of coffee, you worked until the sun went down. Your farm was a reflection of your steadfastness and hard work.

4. Your hands – This, I know, is silly. Your hands were so much rougher than mine, but I took every opportunity I could to hold your hand. I can remember many nights falling asleep as you would rub my face, hands; and if you didn’t fall asleep first, even my feet.

3. Your sense of humor – Dad… I still sniff when I’m telling a big story. When the sniffing started, we knew a long-winded tale was coming. Or how many times did we open our eyes after prayer at the dinner table to find someone’s plate had gone missing? Somehow that missing plate could always be found in your lap. Or what about letting everyone know I had a tick on the back of my neck, when it was really a mole? This one got old to me, but it always made you laugh. 🙂

These memories still make me smile.

2. Your genuine love for your kids – There was never a lack of love in our home growing up. You and mom made sure of that. I didn’t realize until I heard people talk about you, how much you loved talking about your kids. You were so proud of each of us.

1. Your faith – Some of my most cherished memories with you were when I woke up early enough to eat breakfast and sit at the table with you as you read your Bible. You did your best to be in the church when the doors were open, even during a busy hay season. Your faith was evident in the way you served your family.

Thanks for being you, Dad. I miss you.

I love you more.

Until I see you again,

Your favorite daughter, Kimberly



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