Thursday’s Thoughts – Tips from a New Mom 

As a very new mom, I’m constantly reading mom blogs and asking other moms how to navigate through motherhood. I’m so thankful moms are willing to share their best tips and tricks, and walk me through the good, bad, and the ugly.

I’ve been asked so many times by friends and family how things are going to which my response is always exhausting, rewarding, and wet. 😁 When I’m not covered in milk, I’m covered in spit up, pee, or the dreaded poop. Hoping I notice it’s there before someone else does.

So, before this newborn phase flies by, I wanted to share the top 5 things I’ve learned in my first 2 months as a momma.

5. Mommin’ ain’t easy

We’ve all seen the shirts with this cute phrase on them. (Secretly, I want one; but that’s not the point.) But really, being a mom is a lot of work! Don’t get me wrong, it’s the best job I’ve ever had with my compensation in smiles and morning cuddles. There are mornings after a sleepless night with Dawson that I don’t want to get out of bed to change another diaper; but, then he smiles or babbles and the exhaustion is worth it. I mean look at this smile.

4. It’s not about me

Say what??! Yeah, you heard me right. It’s not about me anymore. I thought I realized this when I got married, but I’m a little hard headed. So here comes Dawson on December 28th and suddenly (really, I think this came as soon as he was laid on my chest), it wasn’t about me anymore.

3. It takes a village to raise a child

For the first week, my mom and best friend stayed with us to help out. My in laws came over often to check on us. Plus I can’t forget about the countless friends and family who came by to meet Dawson and always offered their help or brought over a home-cooked meal. Just knowing I could call any of these people for help gave me such comfort. Special shout out to my mom for letting me text or call her at all hours for guidance or just to calm my many mom fears, and for making sure I’m taking care of myself. Sure do love that woman!


2. Good husbands are to be praised

I definitely didn’t tell Curtis enough those first few weeks, but I am so thankful we get to parent together. As first time parents, we both were and still are so eager to hold cuddly, sweet Dawson; but let’s get real, there’s also the fussy, fighting sleep, and hangry Dawson. There have been nights already where Curtis would come home after a hard day at work to a crying baby and upset (ok, I was crying too) momma.  I was exhausted and felt I had tried everything to calm Daws, with no luck. He handles it all like a champ. Plus, he insists and always makes sure I get “me time”. (Should I remove #2?)

Who would have thought watching Curtis change a diaper could make me love him more?


  1. God is so good

So good. Not only is child birth a complete miracle, raising a tiny human reminds me just how much my Father in Heaven loves his children.  I spend a lot of time in prayer, much of those prayers now for our baby boy. Some of them pleading for wisdom to be the best mom I can be for Dawson. God always shows up and gives in abundance what we need, and much more than we deserve.

God is love. He didn’t need us. But he wanted us. And that is the most amazing thing.  ~ Rick Warren

So there you have it. That’s all I’ve got. Now I have to get through going back to work and selecting a daycare for Dawson. (Mom guilt is so real.)

I’d love to hear more tips and tricks. What are your best kept mom secrets?




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