The First 25 Weeks

This post is for all of the family and friends who keep asking for my bump photos. We love how excited you all are to meet our Dawson. It makes this experience even sweeter.

We should have been sharing these along the way, but I’m as slow to upload pictures as I am sending birthday cards. The good news is that we do have pictures to share! We’ve tried to take weekly pictures, but we missed a few weeks. It’s fun to see the progression of my bump over the first 25 weeks. I laugh now seeing the pictures from our earlier days when  I swore I had a bump. Now the bump is the first thing most people notice. Dawson is already getting all of the attention.

We started taking these pictures at 8 weeks, so you may wonder what I was taking pictures of in these beginning pictures.

Here I am when Dawson wasn’t Dawson yet, and no bigger than a raspberry.


Not much bigger in my 9 week photo, but Dawson’s heartbeat was getting much stronger this week.


10 weeks – I was starting to feel a really tired this week. I was in bed by 8:30 almost every night.


At 11 weeks, we had our first appointment to hear Dawson’s heartbeat and had our first ultrasound. Curtis was on a mission trip to Africa this week, so my mom was able to go with me. We recorded the heartbeat so Curtis could share in the excitement. It was a pretty amazing hearing the life inside me and seeing his little body squirm. And I thought I loved him then.


We missed our 12 week photo, so let’s skip forward to 13 weeks. Hello 2nd trimester!I was certain my bump was noticeable here and was starting to feel back to my old self.


We’ll combine weeks 14-15 because both photos came after I got back from the gym. At this point, we were eager to find out if we were having a little boy or girl. Curtis was certain we were having a little girl. Little did he know, Dawson was already very much a boy. He was growing fast at this point, about the size of a peach.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At week 16, we were so close to finding out the sex of the baby and Curtis was beyond ready to start painting the nursery. It still didn’t quite feel real that I was carrying a life inside me, but I was growing more and more excited about adding to the Dickerson Duo home. img_4921

Week 17 – Second trimester was very smooth. I didn’t have many cravings, but was hungry all the time. Several people were still asking if I was sure I was pregnant. (Oh, the funny things people say to a pregnant woman.)


Week 18 and 19 was when I started to begin to notice my body to really change. It didn’t seem like it was my own anymore, but I couldn’t help but be proud of this growing bump. It was different, but the love I felt for the baby inside made it all worth it.


Week 20  – “It’s” a boy!!!! 🙂 Curtis painted the room the following week.


Week 21 – Dawson was still weighing under a pound, but he was growing quickly. We were excited to be past our halfway mark and couldn’t believe how fast time was flying by.


Week 22 was a special week for the Dickerson’s. We finally got to feel this growing baby move. I felt him during the day, but wasn’t sure if it was really Dawson. The same night Curtis got to feel him move. It became quite clear by my growing bump and squirmy little boy, I was going to be a mom soon.


We missed a photo for week 23. At 24 weeks, Dawson was weighing over a pound and was about the size of a cantaloupe.


We’ll stop at week 25 in this post, and share more pics later. This bump was really starting to bump.


We love Dawson and have been thankful for such a smooth pregnancy. This post is so long…but we hope it serves as a way to make up for all of the lack of sharing we have done of our growing boy.




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