Quarter of a Century Birthday

Whoops this never got published… its only a year late. 😉

Last Monday I had my quarter of a century birthday. Yes, that means I’m officially 25. I love birthdays and think they should be celebrated in a big way, but this year I tried to downscale my excitement when April 1st hit. Usually I’m in full force birthday party planning mode. This year I told myself that 25 years old should be celebrated like an adult. No more birthday months, no more birthday parties, no more extreme birthday wishes. This year was going to be hcelebrated over a small dinner with immediate family and possibly close friends (no tears if they couldn’t attend).

To my surprise, it turned out being a fantastic birthday. Thanks to my husband and family, I felt it was even better than I could have imagined. On Friday, I had dinner with my mom and Aunt Lavon. Girl time is always a good way to start celebrating a birthday. We had a cookout on Saturday and ended our night with a family dance party by a bonfire. We laughed a lot, ate too much, and talked the night away.

I continued my birthday by my boss telling me to leave work early on Monday (#winning), finishing the night at our group Bible study where they all sang to me.

But the even better news is that my birthday didn’t end there… On Tuesday, my good friend Lauren came down and hung out with me. We always have a good time together and find ourselves laughing until our stomachs hurt and reminiscing on our college days.

On Wednesday, my sister-in-law Kayla came down and took me to dinner.

Ok, you can say it. I’m spoiled.

Kayla and I ate too much for girls who are supposedly on a strick diet, but no one counts calories when they’re with their friends. Right?!

After dinner, she took me to watch “The Longest Ride.” I read the book and was so pumped to watch the movie.

If these birthday celebrations indicates what 25 has to hold, I’m looking forward to this next year! Enjoy your weekend!




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