More Girls in the Family


So… it’s official! We have three new family members in the Roberts gang. I can’t believe wedding season has come and went so quickly. All of the weddings were absolutely wonderful.


Matt & Kayla were all smiles at their rehearsal dinner.

Kayla Keizor became Mrs. Matthew Roberts on March 29th at her home church in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The wedding was rustic and full of turquoise. We all shed a few tears as we watched this romantic love story start a new chapter.


(Photo by Cade Church Photography)

They ended the night at a family friend’s barn where we all danced the night away. Well Curtis and I did, for sure. It wasn’t long before we were all hands in, preparing for Todd and Ashley’s wedding day. They had an intimate outdoor spring wedding on May 2nd. With their close family and friends, Todd and Ashley tied the knot overlooking a pond. The picture below speaks volumes, if you know Todd and Ashley.


We finished the night at Ti Amo’s Italian restaurant, where again Curtis and I danced the night away.  Their story wouldn’t be complete without Ashley’s daughter, the infamous Kaylen.


I’m sure to post some more pictures of this cutie soon! So yes, you heard that right…there are now 3 more girls in the Roberts family. It’s all pretty exciting to me, being the only girl of 6 kids! This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most memorable wedding of 2014. (Warning: I could be biased)


(Photo by Cade Church Photography)

Curtis and I sealed the deal at my family’s farm in Oklahoma on June 21st. The day turned out to be my childhood dream come true. My girls were in red, Curtis and his boys were in black; and I had the pleasure to stroll down the aisle in white, with my dad by my side. With God, family, and friends as our witness, we said our “I do’s.” We laughed, cried, and again danced our night away.


(Photo by Cade Church Photography)

So, I guess that’s the way it goes… You get 3 new Roberts girls and you lose one. You’ll get to hear about our day more later. And hopefully see pictures too!  (I told you I was biased…)

Talk to you all again soon!



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