I can hear the Wedding Bells ringing

Weddings weddings weddings…2014 is the year of weddings. I will be attending a total of four weddings so far this year, one being my own. The first wedding is March 29th, where my youngest (but 2 years older than me) brother Matt and his fiancé Kayla will finally say “I do.” They have been dating for over four years, so we all knew this day was coming. They are making the final preparations, as the wedding is only two months away. Kayla is going to be a beautiful bride, and I’m lucky enough to stand by her side on the wedding day! The next wedding comes only two months later on May 2nd, where my family will get to enjoy a small and intimate gathering to celebrate my brother, Todd, and his fiancé, Ashley, as they tie the knot. Ashley and Todd have been dating for a couple of years, so again we knew this day would come. We’ll get to watch our happy-go-lucky niece, Kaylen, walk down the aisle as their flower girl. I’m so excited to watch two of my brothers marry two amazing women! I could stop after those two weddings and be in complete wedding bliss for the rest of the year, but there are more. On June 13th, I get to join my close friends, Nate and Courtney at a beautiful chapel in Dallas as they say “I do” before God and their friends and family. I’m so happy I, along with Courtney’s twin sister and closest friends, get to stand by her side as they say their vows. Now let’s move from the big city of Dallas to my families farm in the very small town of Grove, Oklahoma. Only a week after we celebrate with Courtney and Nate, Curtis and I will commit our lives to one another in front of our loved ones. On June 21st…at 6:30PM… at the Roberts Farm.

Engagement on Roberts Farm

Oh Happy Wedding Day! My childhood wedding dream will come to life with the man God created for me to love unconditionally and to be loved unconditionally by. Words can’t describe how thankful I am God put Curtis in my life. We’ll save that topic for another day. I bet I’ll have more weddings to tell you about by the end of the year. Love is in the air. I’ll keep you all updated on all of the wedding details!

That’s all for now. XOXOX.




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